Like many businesses FeStevia started at home, around the kitchen table at which I would serve the blended herbal teas that now make up my brand.

I began making infusions while my children were still at nursery and found that they quickly became a way to strengthen and protect my family’s immune system against the constant onslaught of germs and bugs that come with having young children.

While we lived in Tel Aviv, my husband would regularly go to the Carmel Market to bring back different herbs from around the world for me to experiment with. This is how I was first introduced to the Stevia leaf and the point at which I decided to add the newly discovered ingredient to my blends.

Over time and as I began to further explore the ingredients I was using, I discovered that they were believed to contain properties that could help relieve a range of issues including difficulty sleeping, certain digestive problems, stress and lack of concentration.

Having made my artisanal teas part of my family's life for over a decade I began to think that other people may also want to do the same. Happily, those who tried my infusions not only enjoyed them but positively encouraged me to take them to a wider audience.

The result is FeStevia!

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Inbal - FeStevia's Owner and Creator